Adventure-Filled Fall Engagements

Adrian & Ryan have a thrill-seeking-love for adventure. From wilderness camping, trail riding, hiking, snorkeling and everything in-between, the two love exploring the world together. Ryan proposed on their trip to Hawaii last summer and they are currently planning a beautiful outdoor ceremony + reception for their June wedding, so when it came time to talking about location for their engagements, we knew we had to go somewhere adventurous and special. Ryan grew up going to his Best Man’s family cabin in Ruidoso and Lane’s family was so sweet to offer their cabin as the location for this sweet engagement session.  We turned this weekend into a fun couples weekend, as my husband got to join us on the trip too! We split the session into two days as there were several spots we wanted to stop at before the sun set. We started at the cabin, by the stream then made our way to the top of the mountain.



Adrian posted about our CHILLY mountain-top-adventure (see images below!) on her instagram and here is what she said: “One of my favorite parts about these photos are the memories tied with them. I can instantly feel the rush of the cold wind & goosebumps (it was like 20°🥶), I can see the fog rolling over the mountain top and the blues and greens of the mountainside as the evening rolled in. Jogging in place to stay warm, Ryan having to lift me over the guardrail and @melaniejulianphoto being a rockstar and enduring the cold with us to get the shot, all while laughing with joy and love at the whole situation. We then jumped back in the truck to unthaw & fill our bellies with a good ‘ol Texas Club steak and rolls with the best of company. Oh man, what a sweet life we live. There’s something so special about simple moments spent with good friends!”



The next morning we woke up early to catch the sunrise & sip on our coffee by the stream! If only this scene could be part of my regular morning routine!


This session, turned couples weekend, is one of those I will never forget. These are the memories and moments I cherish the most! Thank you, Adrian & Ryan, for inviting me along on your epic love story!